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Ladies, First: Common Threads book

Ladies, First:
Common Threads

LADIES, FIRST celebrates 18 first ladies who, at one point in their lives, knitted, crocheted, embroidered, quilted,
cross-stitched, or sewed. Their inspirational stories will encourage an appreciation of craft and creativity, patience and perseverance, sacrifice and service, and most of all,
the role of the first lady in the United States of America.
For readers 9 and up.

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is the true story of the little girl from Maryland
who enjoyed climbing trees and playing sports,
but not in dresses. An American fashion icon,
Claire McCardell revolutionized how girls and women
dress to this day.

For readers 6 through 10.

Claire's Closet

CLAIRE's CLOSET is the companion coloring book

to the picture book, CLAIRE.

Reviews / Testimonials


"In LADIES, FIRST: COMMON THREADS, Debra Scala Giokas combines her loves of American history and sewing. With a common theme of experience with needlework, Giokas catalogs eighteen First Ladies, their role in history, and examples of their needlework. One First Lady represented in this book is Edith Bolling Wilson, the second wife of President Woodrow Wilson. Edith Bolling Wilson grew up in Wytheville, a small rural town in southwest Virginia. She was taught to sew, crochet, cross-stitch, and embroider by her mother and grandmother Bolling. A photo of a hand-fringed napkin made by Edith is included in this interesting book by Giokas who has a love of all things sewing. The Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum is thankful for the inclusion of Edith in LADIES, FIRST: COMMON THREADS and recommends the book for all to read."
Farron Smith, Founder, Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum

"This is a fascinating and approachable book that sheds light on a little-known corner of American history." 
~ Knitting magazine

"It is important to remember that such a simple thing as a humble needle and thread has forged connecting threads 
through time and place and people and legacy."

"I do not typically read history or about women but this book really rekindled my interest in both.
I also loved that the author included resources and links to museums etc. I have passed along to my daughter to read
as I think it is great for women to empower other women in anyway we can. 
I am now watching First Ladies on Showtime which never would have piqued my interest until reading this book."

Kristine Wolf


"What an imaginative tribute to a visionary force in fashion and a great inspiration to young people with dreams!"
~ Marilyn Bagel, President, The Frederick Art Club

"This beautifully illustrated biographical book is highly recommended for young readers with an interest in fashion."
~ Sally Di Marco, Fashion Design, Author and Educator"

Claire McCardell has been one of my greatest influences as a designer. What a thrill to see her story so beautifully expressed through illustration and word. An inspiration to aspiring young designers for sure!"

~ Sarah Liller, Fashion Designer and Founder, Sarah Liller Designs 
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